Glen Oaks Motel -Big Sur, California

Hello everybody. I’m home. I have just returned from two days in Big Sur,one of the most beautiful places on the California coast. For those who’ve never been, be forewarned, it can be a semi-dodgy proposition getting there. It is not for those who easily carsick. Getting to Big Sur requires you to drive along a incredibly windy road on a virtual cliff for a little over two hours(from LA). However, it is worth it as Highway 1 is one of the most scenic roads you may ever travel on in. In California at least.

Seven hours (two spent in sketchville road hell) later, I arrived at my destination: Glen Oaks Motel. From the street, the Motel looks exactly as you would think for these parts: rustic, unassuming and quite. Big Sur is rich in natural beauty and the motel exterior blends splendidly amongst the lush and extensive forest. It’s location, which is set slightly back from the road, offers just enough peace without feeling isolated ( I don’t know about you but isolation in deep , dark woods is never something I enjoy).

Check in was pleasant and easy and the woman at the desk handed over our key and showed us to our room. From the second I opened the door, I could see that this “motel” would exceed all my expectations. If the outside seems rustic, than the inside was the absolute antithesis. Modern, stylish and warm is the best way to describe it. Shades of orange dominate the room and the decor is perfectly styled to match the region. The lighting is warm and indirect, which adds to the already cozy ambiance. The icing on the cake though, is the room’s fireplace, which is gas burning and set back into the wall. It radiates heat and is perfect for those cold nights that Big Sur is famous for. The beds are adorned with fluffy down comforters that are soft and warm.  There is no television but the wi-fi worked well so if you want to connect to the outside world, you can. On the far end of the room was the bathroom and it it worth a mention because the owners did a great job updating it.

I am big fan of a good bathroom. Since other blogs have whole posts based on this subject ( see Mr& Mrs. Smith’s blog about great hotel bathrooms), I sense that this might be a room that is important to many other people besides myself. The owners behind Glen Oaks did an amazing job updating the powder room. It’s most stellar feature is the heated floors. I rarely see this amenity ( The Hotel On Rivington in NYC also incorporates this detail) so when I do, I am very appreciative. The shower was also quite nice. It is large (big enough for two), and the water pressure is fantastic. The only detail I might add that was missing is a robe for the guests. It would make the hotel, which is one mini-step away from perfection, perfect for it’s price range.

Overall, I was really impressed by this updated roadside ” motel”. The price point is phenomenal (average price 175/per night) and the location and style of the motel are well thought out and inviting. As people who may have traveled through Big Sur might already know, until now, there really hasn’t been many options for affordable lodging in Big Sur. The are has a whole host of amazing properties in the area (Post Ranch InnVentana Inn) but they are astronomical in terms of cost. Conversely, there are also a whole host of camping and other low cost roadside inns available at a much lower price point. What was missing (until now) was something right in the middle; something affordable, comfortable and updated. I would sum Glen Oaks up by saying it is middle of the road in price but way above average in style and comfort.


2 Responses to “Glen Oaks Motel -Big Sur, California”

  1. Hi there
    Thanks for the mention. Bathrooms have become more and more important when people look for a hotel for a romantic weekend away. Gone are the days when a small shower room will do! I remember when the first hotel put a bath in the bedroom itself and then double baths became a trend – the movement towards boutique bathrooms has snowballed since then.
    Gidleigh Park in the UK even has a spa themed room – with gym, sauna, jacuzzi etc…

  2. For sure one of my favorite spots on the CA coast. Great surfing right down the road and unbelievable coastline. Right on.

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