I Heart NY

I have been fortunate to be able to travel to NYC for business extensively over the years and as of late, I have come to the following, rather depressing conclusion; New York is becoming unaffordable. I am not exactly sure when this happened but all I know is year after year, I have to check more and more hotels off my list because the rates have soared to over 400 dollars a night. Stylish, well-located hotels like Hotel on Rivington, The Gansevoort and The Maritime which used to be my mainstays are now a distant memory. Because of this, I have had to use a little more ingenuity when trying to secure accommodation.

There are a couple of ways to find an affordable stay. One thing that has worked in my favor over the years is that NYC is a city that is constantly developing and opening new hotels. If you can stay on top of the ones that are recently opened or have had their ” soft” opening, you can always get a pretty good rate. (the website Hotel Chatter is helpful for this sort of thing)This is what I am doing in a couple of weeks when I stay at Thompson LES (sister hotel of 60 Thompson and The Roosevelt in LA). The upside is that you get to stay in a new, stylish hotel that in six months you won’t  be able to afford. The  downside is you may have to suffer through some hotel growing pains. It’s a gamble, but I generally find it worth the risk. Another option I have leaned towards is ditching the hotel altogether and renting an apartment.

I have come across a great company that provides well-priced apartments for short term rentals. By short term, I mean from a week to several months. They are called Plan 212 and their stated goal is to “allow traveler to experience New York City living at it’s best”. The company owns and operates ten apartments around Manhattan ranging from singles to two bedrooms. Decor-wise, they are nothing overly fancy, but they are comfortable and clean and most importantly, well-located. They are spread out enough to ensure that there is something for everyone in all parts of the city.  I dealt with them this year to secure an apartment and it was a totally seamless experience. You can see more on their website, but here are a few snaps to give you an idea about the apartments:

For more info, check out their website or email them at info@plan212.com.

If this doesn’t work out, a good standby is the website VRBO. It stands for Vacation Rental By Owner and they have a whole host of apartments and houses not only in Manhattan, but in destinations all over the United States. I rented my house for the Sundance Film Festival through VRBO and it worked like a charm!

I will have more on my stay at Thompson LES when I come back in a couple of weeks!


2 Responses to “I Heart NY”

  1. I work for HomeAway and wanted to say thanks for recommending our site, VRBO.com, in your post. As someone who endorses vacation rentals, I wanted to let you know about the “Why I Deserve a Getaway from HomeAway” contest in which you could win a $5,000 vacation—on us! Check out http://blog.homeaway.com for more information.
    Best regards and happy Holidays!

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