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NYLO Hotels: New York Style Sans New York Prices

Posted in Hotels, Travel with tags , on February 4, 2009 by travelwizard


Only a few mere weeks ago, I was wondering to myself when we in North America were going to steer our eyes across the pond and incorporate Europe’s explosion of hotel chains which feature high design at low prices. Sure, we have budget hotels…no shortage there…but nothing that warrants writing home about. Well, it turns out someone was paying attention. The proprietors of NYLO Hotels (short for NY Lofts) are on their way to creating a chain of hotels which spotlight design and function for affordable prices.

Thus far, two Nylo Hotels are up in running. One in Plano, Texas and one in Warwick, Rhode Island. By 2012, those busy Nylo’s hope to have 50 properties under construction all around the USA. It seems that thus far, the reviews have been good, give or take a few. Their Warwick property seems to fare much better than the Plano property but in all fairness, they are a new chain and despite some of the reviews, I am hoping a bright future awaits them.

Let’s start with the basics…NYLO Hotels want to show their customers a good time for a fair price. Right away, I am intrigued. The USA may have many things- a drugstore on any corner, doggie daycare and other absurd businesses, but what we are missing is a cool hotel for an affordable price. Is that really so much to ask? The good people at NYLO believe that it isn’t.

They consider themselves ” a unique hotel for unique individuals” (all you boring, ordinary people please disregard this post..NYLO is not for you) and I think that is a pretty cool standard. For between 100 and 200 per night (depending on the location and room) here is what you can expect at NYLO Hotels: Stylish accommodations, flat screens, ipod docs, allergy free rooms(listen up people!), hi-speed FREE internet and free parking. They even manage to do all this while still being 100% mind full of environmental concerns. Hooray for NYLO. A job well done..look for new NYLO popping up everywhere from Dallas to Chicago to New York. Hold tight cash-strapped travelers..NYLO is coming to your rescue..