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Viva Barcelona!

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , on September 11, 2008 by travelwizard

The dark cloud that had settled over my trip to Barcelona has lifted. I remember the good times now..prior to having a lot of my stuff stolen. Barcelona is a beautiful city and there are plenty of great things to keep you occupied for a few days. Here is a list of my top five recommendations for things to do in Catalonia’s capitol:

1. Catch Up On Your Modernist Architecture.

Poor Gaudi! He met his demise after being run over by a tram! Prior to his unfortunate death, Antoni Gaudi was responsible for designing some of the most artful and unique buildings in the world.  Take a few days to wander through the fantastical La Sagrada Familia, Casa Mila or Casa Batllo and let yourself be bowled over by Gaudi’s strange and luminous designs.

2. Eat A Meal At Cal Pep.

I ate there twice in five days and both times, I left knowing I would not eat fish like this maybe ever again. The restaurant can be slightly intimidating as the seating is counter style and seats maybe twenty people so the lines are enormous and there is no menu but if you are willing to just roll with the waiters suggestions, you will not be disappointed.

3. Take In Some Fine Art.

Spain is home to two of the most famous painters of all time, Picasso and Miro. Spend the morning in the Picasso Museum in El Born and the afternoon high above Barcelona on Mount Juic at The Miro Museum. Besides having great art, each is well located in a aesthetically pleasing part of the city.

4. Get On The Bus!

While I am normally against doing something so outwardly touristy, Barcelona has a fantastic bus system in place called Barcelona Bus Turistic that takes people all around the city. It is a great way to get around and for twenty euros, a lot cheaper than taking cabs everywhere. There are three lines that zig zag all around the city and a one day bus pass grants you access to all of them. You can hop on and off anywhere you like so there is a lot of flexibility and freedom to do what you will with your day.

5. Stroll Around La Boqueria Food Market.

La Boqueria is one of the most impressive food markets I have ever seen. There are rows and rows of stalls which represents all the food groups. Each display the food in a perfectly elegant design. On aisle after aisle you will encounter lavish displays of fresh fish, meat, produce, nuts and other goods. My only regret about the market was that I had no kitchen, making it hard for me to take full advantage of all the market has to offer. Tapas bars line La Boqueria however, making it a great place to grab a fast lunch.