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Bird’s Eye View..

Posted in Travel Reference with tags , on December 12, 2008 by travelwizard

Today I was turned on to the coolest site ever. Seriously. Ever. It’s called Panoramio and you can basically search  any destination in the world and you will be whisked to a page filled with user uploaded photos of said location. It’s a Travel Blogger’s dream! If I feel like checking out The Panama Canal or the Pyramids, I just need to type it in! It’s a great way to do some preliminary research on potential destinations. Enjoy. Enjoy.Enjoy.


Bon Appetit Hot 10:Culinary Country Inns

Posted in Hotels, Travel Reference, Websites with tags , on November 11, 2008 by travelwizard

In the November issueof Bon Appetite, there is a great article on ten country inn’s specializing in gourmet cooking. Click below to read. There are some great places on the list and I felt it was worth circulating:

Wallpaper City Guides

Posted in Travel Reference with tags , on October 8, 2008 by travelwizard

I stumbled upon these guidebooks at Liberty in London and I have to say, these are great little reference books for cities around the globe. Each guidebook, which is wholly focused on one city, is slim, small and filled with great information.  Wallpaper attracts a certain demographic and their guidebooks remain faithful to them which means they are not for everyone.

If you are looking for a quick reference guide to some of the hippest shopping and the most design savvy hotels and restaurants in any given city, look no further. Wallpaper City Guides are for you! Thus far, there are guides available for sixty cities around the world. They range from Dubai, to Bangkok to Los Angeles. Each guide includes clever twists on typical guidebook topics. For instance, there is a 24 hour section and a sports section. As someone who loves design and architecture, I was especially impressed by the section in the guide entitled “Architour”. This section high-lites some of the most iconic buildings in any given city. Slightly random, but definitely important to a specific type of person.(i.e me)

Besides what’s actually in them, the best part about these guides is their price – under ten dollars. I have never been one to encourage travel by guidebook but I would recommend the Wallpaper City Guides as a jumping off point when planning your next trip. You can click here to get a full list of cities.