California Dreaming..


I don’t mean to brag, but it is 80 degrees in Los Angeles today. Upon my latest check, it was 24 and snowing in Chicago and in New York City, it was a balmy 34. Need a break from dismal weather? Head out to LA, where you can reserve your villa or bungalow with the adorable and stylish Los Feliz Lodge. Los Feliz Lodge isn’t a lodge exactly, it’s a collection of houses spread around the Los Feliz/Silverlake area of Los Angeles. They are available for short-term and long-term stays and their prices are fantastic.

For between 150 and 180 a night, you can rent your own detached bungalow, which include many of the amenities you can find in a hotel – except – you’re not in a hotel. Moreover, you’re not in an area that has a lot of hotels. What that means is that you can enjoy one of the best part of Los Angeles like a real Angelino, far away from the cheesy tourist traps that most of our hotels reside in.

Los Feliz is home to beautiful parks, great boutiques, fantastic neighborhood restaurants and great music venues. Los Feliz is a stone’s throw from downtown and a short drive to central Hollywood.  Translation- you can be in the heart of it all in a matter of minutes if that is what you like.

High Speed Internet, Flat Screen Televisions, Ipod docks, DVD players, robes, slippers and king and queen size beds  all grace the residences of the Lodge. Check out some snaps and you’ll get the idea: 






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  2. I found your blog exceptional – thank u for the share

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