Oh! The Places You’ll Go..


2008 has come and gone. For the most part, it was a year most of us just as soon forget. Crippling economic woes,  financial scandals, everyday people confronting greater hardship, two wars, a deadbeat president – the list goes on and on. Despite all this, I am grateful for the year that has just passed. I was fortunate enough to travel to places of unspeakable beauty, that contain vibrant culture, tasty culinary delights and all around friendly people. For these things, I feel incredibly lucky.

It was a year of personal accomplishment. I traveled to 20 cities in three countries. I started Better Living Through Travel, got promoted at work, moved in to a new apartment and got a puppy. I can only hope that 2009 brings a simlar degree of personal prosperity ( oh please, please!) To begin the year and put 2008 to bed, I have compiled a “best of” list of my personal travels over the last year. See below for the result along with links to the posts over the last year. Here’s to wishing everyone a better direction in 2009!

Best Overall Hotel:

Castell D’Emporda – Costa Brava, Spain

Best Fine Dining Experience:

Cal Pep – Barcelona, Spain

Best Burger Experience:

Pie and Burger – Pasadena, CA

Best Culinary City:

New Orleans, LA

Best Flying Experience:

Virgin America: LA to DC

Best Hotel For Romance:

Milliken Creek, Napa, CA

Best Room With a View:

Thompson LES NY, NY

Biggest Bum Out Travel Experience: 

Getting robbed in Barcelona.

Best Hidden Gem:

Glen Oaks Motel Big Sur, CA

Hotel That Seemed Like A Good Idea But Turned Out To Be Sad Times:

Ojai Retreat, Ojai, CA

 Best Travel Tip:

Bring Ambien

Travel Ambitions for 2009:



Where do you aspire to go in 2009?


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