Mama Shelter: High Design at Low Prices


Ahh Paris, city of lights. I am always blown away by the chic sophistication that seems to blanket everything within the city limits. In a city filled to the brim with beautiful well.. everything… it is not surprising that Paris has it’s share of exceedingly beautiful hotels. Of course, these generally come at a price  and one I typically cannot afford. There is a beacon of hope on the horizon in the form of a new hotel in the 20th district of Paris called Mama Shelter.

Mama Shelter opened this past September and thus far, the buzz is good. Created by the family who started Club Med (if you were wealthy in the 80’s, this will mean more to you) and designed by the famed genius of interiors, Phillippe Stark, Mama Shelter features 172 guest rooms decked out with IMAC’s and other modern accouterments. There are  Kiehls in the bathroom, newspapers in the lobby, laundry machines for the guests along with rental cars, bikes and scooters if you should want them. The hotel even offer their guests a list of available babysitters should you want to hit the town- sans enfant.

So, how much will all this cost a traveller such as myself? Well, rates vary but they start at 89 Euros a night (double occupancy) and go up from there. I believe the Mama Suite, the largest room in the place tops off 209 Euros per night. Considering the last time I was in Paris I paid 200 Euro for a relatively dumpy place, I am willing to hedge my bets on Mama Shelter. Check out some snaps below. Au Revoir!





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