Casa Verona – Room Service Vacation Homes


Today I am officially on vacation. I am staring down the barrel of twenty-three glorious days off and I could not be more thrilled. To celebrate, I am going to…a….work more? Yes, I am going to write my review of the vacation rental I had over the weekend in Palm Springs: Casa Verona, a property and virtual showroom of the  fabulous little furniture store I blogged about a few weeks ago called Room Service.  Although I have twenty-three days of virtual freedom (sorry to keep rubbing it in), let’s not dilly dally. Onwards and upwards!

Casa Verona, simply put,  is a party home. It is not a place you go for a romantic outing for two. If you are thinking about a long weekend in rented-home bliss with your sweetie by your side, think again. Casa Verona is not your friend. BUT, if you are thinking of a place that screams perfectly hip party pad, you have found your place and here is why:

1. The entire house is covered in brown shag carpeting (this will hide any of “the bad spills”). This is a plus and a minus in my opinion. On the plus side, it is great to know there are few things you can do to damage the floor. On the minus side, you are left to wonder what other tales that carpet might tell if given the ability. Oi!

2. There is an enormous backyard complete with and fantastic pool and spa. There is also a built in BBQ, a firepit and plenty of lounge chairs to sufficiently pass out on as the evening progress. The one downer party buzz kill is that the spa stops heating after 11PM. Big boo. 

3. The house comes complete with surround sound. You can comfortably blast the party jams to all rooms in the house and the backyard simultaneously.

4. The house comes with a large kitchen complete with a commercial stove-like, Viking Style -at least six burners. This allows you to cook a large meal for all your party pals. 

5. Finally, the living room comes complete with two abnormally long couches. It literally screams “Please, have the drunks who shouldn’t be driving crash on me!” Believe me, they did. 

Bottom line, I had a blast. I would definitely rent again. I think Casa Verona would be perfect if there was just a slight upgrade to some of the furniture in the house and they added a flat screen. Then, and only then, would you be in perfect party bliss. Check out  a few snaps of the place:






One Response to “Casa Verona – Room Service Vacation Homes”

  1. This is a nice looking house with a great backyard. However, when it comes down to functionality, get ready for some headache. We found that the advertised surround sound would only surround you with the sound of blown out speakers both inside and outside where you would enjoy it most at the pool. Don’t plan on watching TV as every one of the tv’s are dated and the satellite reception may or may not work. The house did not have a single functional dvd player. Hope that it is not hot, as the refrigerator ice maker does not work. Fortunately, they have a security system, as you will probably need it as the rear door won’t even lock. The showers are marginally functional and splah all over the floors, but they have a lot of towels. The hot tub shuts off at 11 and it heats up sparadically, running from extremely hot to cold in a flash.

    This house borders a closed down down Palm Springs resort, so the open space behind the house makes it more suited for a party spot than a family vacation where the operation of all the amenities is more important.

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