You Gotta Belize Me!


Four days later and I am still in a food coma. Because of this, I have been pretty much lying low today, dreaming of my next destination. I know it will be somewhere tropical, where I can totally zone out and do nothing. I want it to be exotic, which means no Hawaii or Mexico but I don’t want to take a long flight (i.e no Fiji or Bali). After a much heated discussion with my somewhat particular other half, I have honed in on the small Central American country of Belize.

A mere seven hour flight from LA ( or NYC for that matter) and I have inserted myself in paradise. Belize is attractive to me because it’s located on the Caribbean Sea, the official language is English and the topography is a fantastic mix of beautiful beaches and lush rain forests. Belize is one also home to countless Mayan Ruins, which are always worth a day trip. This combination of qualities makes Belize a big possibility for my very near future.

Despite being a relatively tourist-trap free country, there seem to be luxury hotels a-plenty set up around the country. Francis Ford Coppola is the propieter of three within Belize. The oceanfront Turtle Inn, the jungle hideaway Blancaneux and the Lake Peten -front LaLancha.  All three properties are different, so before you book, think hard about the type of vacation you are looking for. After a good long search in to great spots within Belize, here are a few of the most intruguing properties I found:

If you want Rainforest, head to…

Lodge at Chaa Creek


Set on a private 365 acre nature reserve, this 23 room oasis is set at the base of The Mayan Mountain. The hotel offers many different types of activities to suit all travellers, from tours of Mayan Temple’s to nature walks to spa days…this place is set deep in the jungle though so be prepared to totally retreat from society!

Blancaneaux Lodge


Coppola, determined to find an amazing site akin to the jungles featured in Apocalypse Now, met his match in the jungles of Belize. It was here that he built the first of his three Belize properties. The hotel consists of thatched cottages which are spread all around the property. Some have river views, others are set amongst lush gardens. Perhaps it’s most enticing quality is the fact that they have an organic vegetable farm on site, which provides 80% of all the fruits and vegetables served here. Love it!


If you want beach…

Victoria House 


Victoria House is a really tiny (35 rooms to be exact) boutique hotel located on an the largest island in Belize, Ambergris Caye. The island is situated incredibly close to a beautiful barrier reef so it is ideally located for snorkeling and scuba diving. It is also the reason that Ambergris Caye is fast becoming the heart of Belizian tourism. Apparently, it’s relative seclusion ( the island is only accessible by ferry or by a teeny tiny pane ( aka, death machine) has allowed the island to retain it’s charm in the face of exploding tourism, so that is a great thing. The hotel is planatation style, and you can chose to stay in one of the casitas, the beach villas or the plantation suites. Check it out and see which style suits your fancy!


5 Responses to “You Gotta Belize Me!”

  1. Yes. I can dream about this too….. *dreamy look*

    Though, to calm my travel temptation a bit: isn’t it there they have those mosquitos giving such an ichy time…? (I’m not sure at all)

  2. travelwizard Says:

    Ha! I never thought about Mosquito’s! Pesky little rat creatures.. I will have to do some further research to determine if they shall be a black cloud hanging over my dream…

  3. Many years ago, in the early 90s, I was in Belize City hanging out on my hotel’s street-side porch having an early evening beer. This local walking by saw me, stopped and asked me my name and how I liked Belize. I told him and then, to be polite more than anything, I asked him his name and where he was walking to. His name, he said, was George and he was walking home from work. We ended up chatting for 10~15 minutes.

    After the man had continued on his way a member of my hotel staff’s came up to me and asked me if I knew who that was that I was talking to. “Well, he said his name was George.” I answered.

    “‘George’,” the staff member shot back “is the Prime Minister of Belize.”

    I’ve been back to Belize several times since then but that experience still sums up this wonderful country to me.

  4. belize diving…

    Very well written. Thank you for the information. I have been traveling to Central America for many years and it is one of my favorite places……

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