Cakes and Cookies and Pies…Oh My!


I promise this will be there last of my Thanksgiving posts but I thought it would be remiss to talk about where to eat your mains without where to get your dessert! I am an avid cook, but a terrible baker. This year, I plan on skipping any and all attempts to make a pie, a cake, a cookie or any other dessert-related item. I suck, they are always terrible. I liken them to pumpkin flavored cardboard. There is hope for people like me. There are cake shops all over the City of Angels which are currently scrambling to put together special delicious treats specifically for Thanksgiving. Here are four places that can be your saving grace come dessert time.

Vanilla Bake Shop- West Los Angeles

Offering Pumpkin Pie Mousse, Pecan Pumpkin Cake and Pumpkin Cheesecake as a special treat for the Holiday.

Sweet Lady Jane – Mid City

The mother of all cake shops in Los Angeles is offering up tasty Thanksgiving delicious-ness. Forget the canned pumpkin and give them a call and make your life easier.

Lark Cake Shop -Silverlake

Calling all East- Sider’s…head to Lark for great seasonal items that won’t break your bank. I get all my b-day cakes from here and they have never disappointed.

Sprinkles Cupcakes- Mid City

LA’s answer to Magnolia Bakery, this fantastic cupcake shop is offering up ginger-maple, pumpkin and orange-cranberry cupcakes just for the Holiday. Grab a box and head to dinner, you are guaranteed to be the most welcomed guest in the whole place!


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