The Parker Palm Springs

I am sleepy. It is day 14 of my 15 day journey which has taken me everywhere from Washington DC to NYC to Palm Springs. I am sleepy…can I say that again? The good news is that in the final leg of a fairly exhausting journey, I got lucky and get to stay in one of my favorite places in California: The Parker Palm Springs. It’s been a couple years since I visited the property and I am happy to say that the hotel has stayed on the up and up. The Parker remains one of the most unique, well decorated and comfortable places in the Palm Springs area.

Since I am here for a work retreat, I have been spending A LOT of time on the thirteen acre property. I have hit every pool, lemonade stand, croquet field and bar this place has to offer. I sat by the fire pit. I rode bikes. I dined at Mr. Parker’s. I sat in the steam room. I have left no Parker stone unturned. It has been fabulous. Here is why it is so great; The Parker has managed to create an amazing vibe. At every turn, there is a an undiscovered space which is private, luxurious, funky and lounge-tastic.

I think this is best attributed to designer Jonathan Adler, who spared no expense (both creatively and probably financially) when setting out to design The Parker. Adler is a designer known for conjuring up a vibe from year’s past and when I say his signature style is reminiscent of something you would have found in the living rooms of Janis Joplin and Jimmy Hendrix in 1969, I ain’t lying. Immediately upon entering the enormous red-orange doors to the resort, you enter into a design time warp. Adler left no detail out and the result is a really fun time. 

While the rooms are comfortable, calm and inviting, I would urge you ( if you can stand the heat) to spend as much time in the common spaces as possible, as this is where the Parker really shines. An added bonus of venturing from your room is that the Parker staff is very accommodating and friendly. I have wanted for nothing since I have been here. The night receptionist actually remembers my name, it’s like Cheer’s in here. Okay, I am gushing…it’s a sign of my lack of sleep. Night Night.


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