Mountain High..

As Fall is upon us, I think it might be the appropriate time to begin fantasizing about that ski vacation on the horizon. I have been a skier since I was four and generally speaking, my accommodations were rarely hotels. Usually it was a rented condo, and it was filled to the brim with family and friends, who had all  gathered to hit the slopes.

Fast forward twenty years and things have changed slightly. Namely, I don’t have too many friends who ski so it can be tough to get the condo thing together. Because of that, I have increasing turned to hotels as my primary choice of accommodation. What I have found is that the idea of the “Chalet” had evolved immensely over the years. Many modern hotels have sprung up over the US that are either on or near the slopes. Here are a few of my favorites:

1.Stein Eriksen – Dear Valley, Utah 

I had heard about Stein Eriksen for many years as this mythical winter wonderland and lo and behold, it actually is. Set at the end of a mountain road, which winds up from the base of Park City, the lodge sits almost entirely isolated from all other houses. As we rode up, twinkling white lights wrapped around trees lit our path and after a short while, the giant lodge was sprawled before us. Beautiful, classic and cozy, the lodge exudes all the things that I crave in a ski resort: A warm fire, a killer view and a sense of serenity.

2.Resort at Squaw Creek – Squaw Valley, CA

Okay, first things first. In addition to being ski in/ski out with it’s own private chairlift, this resort has an ice skating rink! Seriously? An ice skating rink? I am sold. But really, this recently renovated and gorgeous lodge is a winter sportsman’s (or woman’s) dream. In the summer, there is golf and fly-fishing. In the winter, there is on-site access to downhill skiing and cross country skiing. For those who’s ambitions lie in more indoor territory, there is an excellent spa as well. Besides regular deluxe rooms, the property also has one and two bedroom bi-level penthouses complete with full kitchens and floor to ceiling plate glass windows. Swoon!

3.Sky Hotel – Aspen, Colorado

Upon visting Sky Hotel’s website, you are congratulated for finding your way into “Aspen Chic”. Personally, I am not sure that is such a good thing but what I will say is that if you go there, you will have found your way into a really hip hotel near some very good skiing. Aspen can definitely be faulted for it’s silly Hollywood flair but at it’s core, it is still some of the best skiing in Colorado. What sets Sky Hotel apart is that it takes the traditional ski lodge and turns it on its end. The exterior is everything you would want in an alpine lodge – lots of timber- but it’s interiors reflect a more modern edge than most places. Another plus is that it is pet-friendly, which is a great because dogs love room service (just kidding). What’s best about the hotel is it’s shared spaces. The lounge and pool(heated!) are particularly welcoming and have a great ambiance for relaxing apres-ski.

Enjoy and may the snow begin to fall.



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  1. Apres Ski Bum Says:

    I’ve had lots of fun at the Sky hotel in Aspen for Apres Ski, it’s formerly known as the Aspen Club Lodge, and it uses to be a bit more fun and you could find better deals back then. Now I just visit Stay Aspen Snowmass They have every hotel and lodge property listing in Aspen and Snowmass, and you can for sure find the best place to kick it, after our thrity-inches of snow over the last two days. Keep turning!

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