What to Do, What to Say

It’s been a wild ride in the outside world this week. When I am not endlessly fretting about the impending presidential election, I am struggling to sort out what is going on in our financial markets. Somewhere between watching the Dow hover between “oh shit” and  “HOLY FUCK”, I had a minute to ponder how this impending recession (some say depression) will affect the way people (and me) write about travel. Is travel a need or a luxury? For me, it is a need. I need that inspiration that comes with every new city, country, hotel, culture and person you might meet along the way. When I don’t travel, I feel stagnent, bored and ansy. I truly believe that exploring a new place is an instant mood-lifter, a healthier alternative to say, pills? 

I am struggling a bit right now to find the balance of making this blog relevent in such uncertain times but I can only hope that people can see the value that travel holds. Some of the best experiences of my life, which have undoubtedly shaped my personal development, began in a single trip. I am sure many of you can say the same thing. I guess it is time now to get inventive as to where the money is spent. Perhaps it’s time to explore South and Central America, South East Asia and other places where our dollar still holds great value. Maybe we explore our country in depth, as America has some breathtakingly beautiful parts. As a Californian, I am always amazed at how much natural beauty surrounds me so closely that I rarely take advantage of. I suppose in conclusion, I will simply say that I will continue to blog about the things I appreciate most about travel, great food and amazing hotels. However, I will try to be mindful of our current sitution. I will just have to hope people come along for the ride!


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