A Trove Of Culinary Treasures..

It’s been two days since I landed in London and each day has been busier than the last. Today I got a chance to take a break from work stuff and lunch with the poshest of posh ( and many, many tourists) at the food hall at Harrods. My ex-BF (who is British) would say that only wanker-faces go to Harrods. Well, that may be the case, but I for one am a very excited to be the wanker-face who eats at the Harrods Food Hall. You know why? Because the Food Hall is unlike anything we have in the US. The idea of  luxury gourmet foods mixed with luxury clothing is not a combo we see often. 

If you have never been to the hall, it is difficult to conceive. Before I went there, I always envisioned it as a glorified food court. I was oh-so wrong. Let me try to sum it up for you. The hall combines the freshest vegetables and fruits, the tastiest and most exotic charcuterie, a variety of cheeses and many of the staples of a gourmet market with individual mini-restaurants (all counter -style) that represent a multitude of food styles. You can have everything from oysters and caviar to roast chicken, wood-fired pizza, sushi or dim sum. They even make Krispy Cream Donuts on site. The presentation of each and every section is phenomenal, making it difficult to get out of there empty handed. Perhaps the most stunning of all is the candy secction, which could easilt be mistaken for Willy Wonka’s factory. It’s literally  bursting with sugar filled delights at every turn. 

We made out way around the food hall, admiring the displays and trying to choose our meal. We settled on roast chicken and gratin daphinous from the Rotisserie. I think we made a good choice. The chicken was very tender and the skin was quite crisp and flavorful (the sign of good roasted chicken!)and the potatoes were a perfect combo of creamy and firm and perfectly salted.  While sixty three dollars for a half a chicken and some potatoes may seem extreme, I firmly believe you pay for the experience. Surely, you will never be in a place so ridiculously extravagant as the Harrods Food Hall. You may as well sit down an enjoy it.  I know we did.


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