Jennifer Lewis Barcelona

I have just returned from seeing Vicky Christina Barcelona. I am pretty obsessive about Woody Allen and I have to say , this film does not disappoint. Besides having an engaging and humorous story, the locations in and around Spain are enough to make anyone want to jump on a plane immediately and head across the Atlantic. Lucky for me, I already have plans to hit Barcelona. Next Thursday actually, with my BF Lewis. Hence Jennifer Lewis Barcelona. This movie only served to raise my excitement level to a near fever pitch. 

Despite having nine days to explore Spain, I am limiting my travels to two places; Barcelona and nearby Girona on the Costa Brava. I make it a priority to relax on vacation and jumping from place to place in frantic hope that I will see as much as possible has never been my travel style.

What I have discovered is that Barcelona is a city with many beautiful and stylish hotels. Unfortunately, that pesky dollar is just not co-operating against the Euro so it was a bit challenging to find a place in my price range (about 200 -250 a night). After literally weeks of research, I decided on a small hotel in the El Born district of Barcelona called Banys Orientals. As far as I can tell, El Born is home to many of the most fashionable shops in Barcelona and it is very central to many of the attractions the city is known for. There are actually two separate areas which make up the Hotel; the first being the actual hotel and the second being a building of suites located across the street from the main building. This is where we are staying and from what I can tell, it will be more like staying in an apartment rather than a hotel. This is fine by me because I like that kind of independence. I am not really a needy traveller so having a front desk close by is not really a big priority. Here are some pics from the place:


As you can see, it looks clean, simple and stylish. While I am there I will take some photographs of my own and post them upon return. Those above should do for now. The rates at Banys are pretty fantastic. I was able to book a suite for five nights for 130 Euros (translation, 200 American dollars).

In between hitting up Parc Guell and drinking copious amounts of wine, I plan on checking out a few other hotels that have garnered a pretty great reputation over the years. There were a couple of standouts during my research and I would like to share them with my fellow readers. The first is Hotel Pulitzer. This was my number one pick for Barcelona but no matter how many ways I did the math, I just couldn’t make it work financially this time. The hotel has received many accolades and it is actually not ludicrous in terms of price. If you lived in Europe or in England, this hotel would be downright affordable. At last check, the going rate there for a double room is around 188 Euros.

A lot has been said about the hotels interiors, which were designed by Lazaro Rosa Violan with the intended goal of creating a hotel which was decidedly un-hotel like. The result is is a winning combination of chic, but accessible comfort bathed in black, white and gold tones. Check out some pics:

It is worth noting that if you can’t make it to Barcelona, there are Hotel Pulitzers in both Rome and Paris.

Finally, there is one other place which seems really cool in Barcelona that I would like to check out. It is basically an apartment you can rent – but maid service is included. It is called The Third Floor and it seems like a sophisticated alternative to staying in a hotel. There is not a ton of info on their website but I managed to find some pics courtesy of

My travels will also take me to Girona, where I will be staying in a restored castle called Castell d’Emporda. More on this hotel and Banys Orientals when I return. For now, I will leave you with some visuals to tide you over:


Incidentally, in the NY Times travel section this week, there is a big article on The Costa Brava! I guess my timing could not be better. You can check it out here.


3 Responses to “Jennifer Lewis Barcelona”

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  2. You’ve picked two super hotels. I’ve stayed at both of them. Banys Oriental was one of the first boutique places in the Born. You know we almost bought an old place there, but it was considered to be a bad deal at the time – the neighbourhood was rough, pretty dodgy, a little dangerous, full of druggies… but it had some of the best bars in Barcelona and a few interesting galleris… that was just 8-9 years ago… it’s amazing how far it’s come. Now it’s definitely the coolest part of the city. You’re going to have a great time! And wise decision to focus on 2 places for 9 days. There’s plenty to occupy you in Barcelona in that time alone!

    I’ve just discovered you through Happy Hotelier and mentioned you in a post about our interviews. I’ll link to you now also! Can’t wait to hear about your travels in Spain.

    I’ve haven’t liked Woody’s films since ‘Manhattan’ but I loved Penelope and Javier in one of their early films together ‘Jamon Jamon’ and I started a PhD on film and travel many years ago so I’m eager to see it!

  3. Jennifer, if you have some time when you’re walking La Rambla, check out Hotel 1898: I loved their two incredible pools–rooftop and grotto. Plus, despite being located in a bustling neighborhood, our room was eerily silent.

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