And Now For a Few Words On Las Vegas…Drumroll Please!

I promised an update on my Vegas trip last week and I am not one to make promises and not deliver so here goes. A good way to sum up my Vegas trip would be to describe my current health state, which is pretty dismal. It turns out that what happens in Vegas does not always stay in Vegas. After leaving the city that never sleeps, I have taken with me a summer cold and it has stuck with me for the past four days. This has been great for my blogging, but not so great for my state of mind. Anyway, I digress. Here is the skinny:

Like I was saying, I stayed at The Wynn Hotel and after my third stay here, I can still say that it does not disappoint. Upon arrival, I casually inquired about an upgrade and wouldn’t you know,  I got one. I upgraded all the way to the 56th Floor. Normally, the fact that I had landed an upgrade with virtually no effort would make me pat myself on the back but sadly, I am afraid of heights so this so called “upgrade” was really more of a curse than a blessing. Not wanting to seem rude, I took the upgrade, sucked it up and prayed there would be no fire (there was no fire I am happy to report). Since I was a repeat customer, they also gave me one hundred dollars to apply towards entertainment in the hotel. Now, in LV “entertainment” can mean a lot of different things, but I chose to use it for a pedicure in the hotel spa.

The Spa at The Wynn is totally worth checking out. It is insanely overpriced but they do take extra care to make sure you are sufficiently pampered from start to finish. Not only did I get a great pedicure, but my pedicurist, who has worked there for five years, gave me the major lowdown on her celebrity clients. They also carry a great product line from Italy called Davines that is really hard to find. 

In my last post on Vegas I noted that if you have to go to Vegas, you should take advantage of all the good things they have to offer the amazing selection of restaurants on the strip. One that I would particularly like to highlight was my dining experience at B&B ristorante, Mario Batali’s place in The Venician. Despite those atrocious clogs he is constantly sporting, I am big fan of the Batali. Here in LA, I have highlighted  his Osteria Mozza and the Pizzaria Mozza in previous posts…the guy seriously knows how to make amazing Italian Food.

From the minute we sat down to the minute we left, the entire experience was incredibly satisfying. Upon sitting, we were lavished with attention by the wait staff and then promptly presented with a delicious bruschetta topped with chickpeas and olive oil. It sounds boring right? WRONG! It was a perfect plate to whet our appetites for the rest of our meal. For appetizers, I had the most delicate and flavorful Prosciutto accompanied by the sweetest, most perfectly ripe melon. This dish is a staple in Italian cuisine but this was by far the best rendition I have ever had.

The prosciutto was then followed by a a plate of Octopus so tender, you would think you were eating Venison. I have no idea what they did to that poor Octopus, but my stomach thanks them for it.

For my main course, I had spaghetti all’amatriciana. It was just okay but I am am going to absorb all of the blame for that one. You see, I tried to play it safe for my main course and Mr. Batali is not about playing it safe. My co-worker’s pasta (which was much more adventurous) was much, much better. One of them even involved some rabbit. While I am normally against eating animals I used to have as pets, I have to admit, the little guys were tasty. 

Even as we had stuffed ourselves to the brim, we managed to save a millimeter of room for desert. Here we went way out on a limb and ordered a desert that combined heirloom tomatoes with cream, carmel and some sort of ice cream thing. I have never had a tomato in my desert but I am not sorry I did because the combination of flavors was perfectly balanced and the result was a delicately sweet dish that was very satisfying. 

After B&B..we moved on to doing what any other respectable person does in Vegas..gamble. I hate losing money so this lasted about ten minutes and then I was off to the 56th floor..where I drifted off into a food coma, and dreamed about leaving Las Vegas.


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