Home Is Where My Heart Is..

Home Hotel – Honduras 5860 BS.AS Argentina 

This will be in the first in a series of posts which will spotlight some radical place I have stayed in over the years. The first place I want to highlight is The Home Hotel in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I stayed there a couple years back during part of a  two week trip across Argentina. The origins of my trip are very interesting. I was literally booked on a plane to Madrid via London for a couple of weeks in Spain when suddenly, a gigantic terrorist plot emerged involving Heathrow Airport, a dozen planes and bombs made out of liquids. Not wanting to be caught in the chaos and long lines that ensued in London, my best friend and I spontaneously changed our reservations and within a week, we had an entirely new itinerary booked for Argentina. Despite such a short planning period, we somehow found our way to Home Hotel.

By “somehow” I mean through Trip Advisor. I used the site for some quick research and that’s how I found the Home Hotel. At that point,  it was ranked the number three hotel in Buenos Aires. I had no idea where it was within the city an nothing to go by but pictures and a wing and a prayer. Somehow, it worked out better than I could have imagined.

There are several things which make the Home Hotel special. The first is that it is superbly located in the heart of the fashionable Palermo district. Palermo houses the most fashionable shops and hip eateries in Buenos Aires (when I say hip and fashionable, I mean that in the best possible way not in the cheesy LA way). The Home Hotel is a short walk and an even shorter cab ride right to it’s heart.

Besides it’s stellar location, the rooms are well-priced and smartly decorated. Concrete floors, giant showers and flat screen televisions fill their rooms and you can choose to book one of the following types of rooms: a double room, a suite or one giant guesthouse (named “Special Home” by the proprietors). All of these rooms range from 120 -300 dollars in price. 

Great location, stellar rooms, well priced….. wait! There is more. The staff of this hotel is what truly sealed the deal for me and what has made the Home Hotel stick in my mind for the last year. Everyone from the guy at the front desk who gave us great restaurant suggestions night after night to the dudes behind the bar who were mixing us drinks to the owners themselves (they live right next door) were hospitable, engaging and uber-helpful. I became so endeared to that hotel staff that my friend and I actually were sad when it was time to go.

The owners are super cool, they are a couple (one is Argentinian and one is a Brit) who decided to create the Home Hotel when they realized that one of the coolest parts of Buenos Aires was lacking a hotel that reflected hipness of the area. The Brit in the equation is Tom Rixton, a music producer who actually worked on a record I love by an artist named Tom Vek. (Check him out if you are not aware of him-he’s great) We were fortunate to meet them when we were there and they were delightful. They have done a stellar job with the hotel. 

So, in conclusion, let’s sum up the Home Hotel. Great location? Check. Comfy rooms decorated in retro-cool fashion? Check. Reasonable price? Check. Helpful, polite staff? Check. What more is there to say? Well, maybe just a teeny bit more..

Argentina on the whole is a phenomenal country. It is also a great place to travel right now as our dollar is still a lot stronger than their currency so a little goes a long way. Take advantage of that and book now at Home Hotel!


6 Responses to “Home Is Where My Heart Is..”

  1. This is one of my favorites too. Buenos Aires is becoming a bit of a home away from home for me (Dubai is my ‘home’, although I’m from Sydney) – we spent time there last year researching our ‘Lonely Planet Buenos Aires Encounter’ guide, and we’re buying an apartment there soon. I initially went to Buenos Aires 12 years ago and Palermo Viejo (Soho/Hollywood) was very hip then too. I always found it amazing that it too so long for everyone else to catch on. I wasn’t travel writing full-time then, I was a filmmaker researching my masters degree, but I often think what a scoop I would have had if I would have started writing about it then. Some of the coolest bars now were even around then! And that’s what I love about the city – the fact that it has this familiarity and old-fashioned charm as well as this newness and hipness about it.

  2. […] Home Is Where My Heart Is..Argentina on the whole is a phenomenal country. It is also a great place to travel right now as our dollar is still a lot stronger than their currency so a little goes a long way. Take advantage of that and book now at Home Hotel! […]

  3. Erica Johansson Says:

    Thanks for this post. If I travel to Buenos Aires, I know exactly where to stay.

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  5. Gotta love the effort you put into this blog 🙂

  6. I’d love to visit Argentina one day. In fact, I’d love to tour the whole of S America!

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