Livin La Vida Local

What if you could go on a vacation and magically know your destination as well as you know your own neighborhood? Imagine knowing the best spot to dine on local cuisine or the best hole in the wall drinking spot almost immediately upon arrival? Well, thanks to a website called like Live Like a Local, now you can!

My friend Adam turned me on to the site and it is pretty cool. It allows you to find apartments in cities all around Europe and the US and if you so desire, you can hook up with a local (hence, live like a local) who will treat you to a variety of authentic experiences. There are lots of scenarios to choose from and they range from things like a home-cooked meal in a person’s home to a walking tour of the best local eateries the city has to offer. The NY Times recently mentioned them in their travel series 36 hours in…(fill in amazing city here). You can view that here. 

Finding the right places to dine, drink and shop can make or break a trip for me. If you have no desire to put any research into your destination or you are not a travel nerd like myself, then Live Like Local is a great way to experience the best parts of any city.


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