“Inn” Vogue

After my career in the music business washes down the toilet along with all the records people aren’t buying, I plan on moving on to my next career, tentatively titled: Inn Proprietor.  I am pretty obsessed with the concept of the Inn. To run one of my own some day would be a dream come true. I have some time though before this can happen so until then, I have to settle for traveling to other people’s inns.

The qualities I look for in a Inn include comfort, privacy, style and a good price point. It’s easy to get these things if you are willing to pay top dollar but when you don’t want to spend the huge bucks, it is nice to know there are places out there that embody the above mentioned qualities. Here are some of my favorites around the country:

Bass Cottage Inn – Bar Harbor, Maine

I stayed here for a week last Fall when I attended a course on Inn-keeping ( I wasn’t joking about wanted to run an Inn) and I was really charmed by this place. The proprietors were a couple from Boston who had come up to Bar Harbor to restore a beautiful Cape Cod style House right near the bay. Each room is beautiful and unique and the common areas are luxuriously appointed. Early Fall is a perfect time to be here as the leaves are normally just turning and the foliage is gorgeous.

The Rusty Parrot – Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Jackson Hole is a great place to visit at any time of year. In the Summer, you are a hop, skip and a jump from Yellowstone National Park and in the Winter, you are surrounded by world class skiing. I passed through Jackson Hole for a couple of days during a cross-country road trip a few years back and it was then that I discovered The Rusty Parrot. After driving for three straight days, 10 hours a day, I joyously welcomed this oasis of comfort at the base of the Grand Tetons. Each room boasts a bed so comfy, I debated the necessity of leaving it at all for those two days. The snowy setting only accented the Inn’s cozy quarters and each morning we were greeted by a wonderful breakfast spread in the Inn’s dining room.

The Milliken Creek Inn – Napa Valley, California

My boyfriend and I stayed at Milliken Creek last March on a weekend whim and it is definitely a very romantic place. Located on the Napa River, this Inn boasts rooms that  are incredibly soothing and intimate. Every night, the hotel provides a turn-down service complete with lighted candles and a lit fireplace. Being that you are in Napa Valley, it in no surprise that the Inn also offers it’s guests complimentary wine every night at sunset. In case you didn’t already feel adequately doted upon, included in the cost of the room is a delicious breakfast which can be served to you at any place throughout the Inn or on it’s immaculate grounds.

L’Auberge De Sedona

If you have never been to Sedona, you must do so immediately. With it’s stunning natural beauty and widespread sentiment of ” good vibes” amongst the natives, it is a destination I highly recommend. Tucked away amongst the gorgeous red canyon rocks you Will find L’Auberge De Sedona. It is a perfect place to chill out and enjoy the lovely surroundings.  Stop in on your next trip to visit the Grand Canyon.

Wentsworth Inn – Charleston, SC

I have yet to go here, but it just looks so inviting, I have to mention it. Ensconced in a historical mansion dating back to 1857, this Inn succeeds in preserving it’s historical pedigree while at the same time incorporating modern comforts. It’s a winning combination and one that I am looking forward to experiencing. 

Bonus tips:

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2 Responses to ““Inn” Vogue”

  1. My parents just stayed at the Wentworth Mansion in Charleston. They said it was wonderful and charming, exactly like you would expect.

  2. Hi Jennifer
    You are definitely on to the next big thing. Inns are the next movement in boutique hotels and it’s not just in the US. The UK may be a little behind you guys but with the opening of The Olde Bell (designed by Ilse Crawford) the trend is set to change across the country. I visited the Olde Bell the other weekend – here’s my post about it: http://blog.mrandmrssmith.com/2008/07/the-inn-thing/

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