Workin For The Weekend..

It is one day closer to the weekend and I for one, could not be happier. I have no plans to head out of town this weekend but if I were to go, I have a few places in mind that make perfect getaways. Living in Los Angeles is great for several reason. On the top of my list is it’s sheer proximity to so many wonderful destinations all within a two hour drive. You can head to the mountains, the beach, the vineyards or the desert on less than one tank of gas!! Who needs “staycations” when we are so close to so many cool places. One of the most interesting places within a hundred miles is a campground known as El Capitan Canyon. 


Located 20 miles outside of Santa Barbara, this natural haven is not your ordinary camp site. All the things that people love about camping are present ( smores, BBQ, stars etc) but instead of sleeping on the hard Earth, you can choose between a luxury tent or a luxury cabin. Okay, Okay, it’s not luxury in the five star sense, but luxury as far as camping goes. Rates range anywhere from 145 for the tents to 350 for the large cabin. You will need a bit of savvy planning skills though as this place is booked up pretty far in advance..


One Response to “Workin For The Weekend..”

  1. This place had the comfiest bed I think I’ve ever had the joy of sleeping in. And the jacuzzi tubs fit two people very nicely 🙂

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