Hot child in…desert.

It might seem like an odd choice to promote heading to Palm Springs in the dead of summer. After all, the desert is so hot this time of year that you would have better luck frying your breakfast on the sidewalk than trying to last an entire afternoon under the sun’s intense rays. Despite the heat, Palm Springs continues to be one of my favorite weekend summer getaways. The reason for this is that you can stay in the lap of luxury for a fraction of the cost you would pay at any other time of year. And really, what else would you do in Palm Springs besides sit by the pool and drink copious amounts of fabulous cocktails? I guess you could ride that crazy Gondola thing, or take in the early bird special with the over 60 set that resides there year round, but I prefer good old relaxation. I have stayed in a bunch of places over the years but here are my top five recommendations for a cheap, enjoyable couple of days:

The Parker Palm Springs

This is the sister hotel of Le Meridian in NYC but it has about ten times more pizazz. Perfectly decorated in uber retro design ( courtesy of our friend Jonathan Adler), this oasis has two saline pools, sheepskin and a gorgeous spa. Rooms here are normally priced north of 300 but during the summer season, you can get them as low as 189 a night.


The Horizon Hotel

This 50’s glamour relic has ben completely renovated in the last few years and they have updated all the things you would want to be updated (bathrooms, bedding etc) but remained faithful to the classic Mid-Century design that is so distinctive of Palm springs. Although not as showy as the Parker, this is a great alternative. With rooms starting as low at 99 dollars, you have no good reason not to try it out.


The Orbit Inn


Another Mid Century Modern Gem, this hotel also owns an enormous house that is perfect for parties of four or more. Rates here begin at 129 a  night during summer months.


Colony Palms Hotel

For those who favor a more exotic decor, the Colony Palms Hotel is a great choice. As the story goes, this hotel was built by Detroit Mobster Al Wertheimer as a front for other, more seedy exploit ..ho hum!. It underwent a sixteen million dollar renovation and the result is roadside hotel meets Moroccan Chic. Rates her start as low at 119 a night during the Summer months.


The Korakia Pensiona

A friend of mine proposed to his wife here. A self -proclaimed “experimental” resort, this cozy hideaway has beautifully appointed rooms, a spa and yoga. I would recommend this for people who want to escape completely from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Although they have Wi-fi, the rooms are devoid of television and telephones. Gulp! Book now and receive deeply discounted rates!


Bonus Tip:

Finally, if you ever find yourself wanting to rent a house in Palm Springs and stay the week, check out the amazing house rentals at Beau Monde Villas. Every house is some fantastic relic from the mid-century modern period. They even rent Frank Sinatra’s Estate! They are a little pricey however, during the summer, you can get a five bedroom house for around 1600 a night. That is 160 a night per person!!! go.


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