In the Beginning

Well hello, welcome to my blog! I am a self proclaimed travel nerd. Planning flights, choosing hotels, finding the perfect restaurant- I am all too happy to jump online and spend hours planning real and fantasy trips. Hence, I’ve decided to start this blog. It will serve as a place for me to share my experience, general musings and tips for fellow traveling mankind. For this first post I thought that I would begin, at the er… beginning, where all good travel planning starts: the Internet. Here is a list of my top five travel sites:

Nothing has the power to turn me off quite like the opinion of a fellow global nomad. Honest and uncompromised, this site is a must-visit when choosing a hotel.

Alistair Sawdays is the man behind the series of travel books turned website which has never lead me astray. A great site to find unique lodging in destinations in Europe and beyond.

This site is dedicated to a very specific brand of hotels: hip, minimal and maybe even sometimes cold, but I always love to use this site as a jumping-off point. It gets serious bonus points for having suggestions for anywhere in the globe, from Butan to Tanzania.

Simply the best flight aggregator out there. Type in your destination and instantly get fares on almost every airline. You can also use the site to book hotels.

Perhaps a tad fancy for my meager earnings but hey, a girl can dream. This is my go-to site when I plan my fantasy trips.

Happy Trails!


One Response to “In the Beginning”

  1. Hi there
    It’s always great to see new travel blogs. Good luck with writing and please feel free to visit both the Mr & Mrs Smith site and our travel blog

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